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What Is a Vintage Halloween Costume?

Halloween has been around for centuries. People would ditch their regular everyday looks and don costumes every year on this special day. Till today, the tradition lives, thus making some of the earliest costumes today’s classics and even most iconic. Vintage Halloween costumes can be curated by looking back to the past to see what reigned back in the day. If you are interested in finding out what now counts as vintage Halloween costumes today, then you are in for a treat — pun very much intended.

Share A Kiss and Trick or Treat

kissing sailor costume

One of the most popular romance tropes in the ‘40s was the nurse and sailor story. Couples can easily recreate this look based on one of the most romantic and enduring photos of the 20th century, The V day Kiss. Partners can dress up as the sailor in a navy sailor suit while the other wears a nurse uniform or any basic white dress. Recreating that legendary passionate kiss all night is sure to be entertaining!

Ensure to Stay Clean

The portable shower costume is not something you see around all that frequently these days. However, it was a hit back in the day! This costume was typically done in the 1960 horror thriller film, Psycho, most famous for its unforgettable shower scene. This particular vintage costume is not the easiest to recreate, but boy does it make an impression when you pull it off.

Make It Count!

The 1930s saw a drastic rise in pop culture’s love for Halloween horror flicks. The decade was packed chock full of now-iconic horror movies, including Frankenstein, the Mummy, Black Cat, and, of course, Dracula. The Count has made many unforgettable appearances throughout history’s Halloween festivities.

Boop-Oop-a-Doop It Up!

Another unforgettable rising star of the 1930s is none other than cartoon film star Betty Boop. The sexy doe-eyed cartoon character became a favorite among trick-or-treaters, especially for how incredibly easy it was to recreate her look. An entirely accurate recreation of this vintage costume and pinup girl makeup would be red lipstick, a short red mini dress, and matching heels. You can add a garter with a red heart. Top it with some gold hoop earrings. The dress could be black if the vintage look requires referring to the cartoon’s original black and white film.

Watch this Betty Boop transformation below:

Milk Your Creative Juices

One of the most original Halloween costumes out there remains the hilarious and amusing milk carton costume. This was a favorite among kids in old times and particularly so because of how easy it was to create. This costume is undoubtedly a very vintage Halloween getup seeing as milk cartons are seldom picked these days.

Cast An Unshakeable Spell

Between the ‘20s and ‘50s, the witch costume rose in ranks to become one of the most beloved costumes. People loved to dress up in their vintage black dresses spooked up with spider webs, bat wings, and the occasional pumpkin hat and broomstick. With a splash of blood and gore, anyone can bring back this refreshingly original look.

Keep Things Quiet

The ‘20s marked the golden age of silent movies. What’s the harm in borrowing inspiration from that era for your perfect vintage Halloween costume? Throw on an all-black or gray tone clothing with the best fitting pale, chalky makeup you can manage. Complete the look by carrying a chalkboard around to communicate with others around you.

When looking far into the past to put together the perfect vintage costume for Halloween, there are tons of concepts to draw from. It is certainly refreshing to look so far back in history and recreate eras long gone. It only makes Halloween even more fun!

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