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4 Basic Tops for Vintage Outfit Look

A vintage look is not always about being noticeable, sometimes you might want to keep your outfit low-key while not losing the classic touch. Here is a list of four basic tops to wear for your vintage outfit look.

1. Dolores Top by Collectif

This top comes in many patterns and has elastic puffy sleeves. It will highlight your upper torso area and it pairs beautifully with a pencil skirt. Anyway, is a must-have for your wardrobe!

2. Doris Top by PGC

With longer sleeves and an adjustable zipper at the back, this top from Pinup Girl Clothing will enhance your figure while keeping you looking modest. Wear it with a black wiggle skirt and you will look elegantly alluring.

3. Bardot Top by Hell Bunny

Do you need something for the summer? Then go get a Bardot top! This Bardot top from hell bunny comes with a stretch top, so you don’t have to worry about your shoulder width.

4. Peasant Top by PGC

When you look at this top, you will get that gypsy vibe. It has an adjustable zipper on the back to fit your waist. Wear it with a circle skirt and it will remind you of an actress who was very famous in the 60s, Sophia Loren.

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