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Enhance Your Instagram Experience with these 6 Body Positivity Influencers

Instagram stands out as a platform not only for entertainment and visual delight but also as a space for empowering communities and individuals. In a world where the temptation to buy Instagram followers is high, genuine connections remain the true essence of meaningful online interactions. Among the various movements that have taken root on Instagram, the Body Positivity movement has been a beacon of self-love, acceptance, and community support.
This movement challenges societal norms about body image and …

1930s Fashion: The Introduction of New Fabrics

In 1930s fashion, the introduction of new fabrics signaled a change in the way women dressed. Rayon and silk were two such fabrics that made their debut during this time period. They were sportier and more functional than the traditional materials used for clothing, which helped to usher in a new era of fashion
1930s Fashion Trends
In the 1930s, fashion designers began to experiment with new fabrics such as rayon, which was a synthetic fiber made from cellulose. This allowed for cool, comfortable summer clothing that hung well on the body.
Rayon skirts and blouses were popular among women, and men often wore …

Three Steps to Achieve Chic Vintage Looks

Nowadays, more and more women are interested in vintage clothing. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to pick up which style to choose when you want to rock vintage fashion style.
Thus, we will show you three easy steps to achieve chic vintage looks.
1. Get a vintage dress
Getting a vintage dress is the easiest way to go when you aim for a vintage look. The 50s, 60s, and 70s periods have their distinctive dress shapes and styles. Pick one that suits your body shape and skin color.
Pair your dress with oxford dancing shoes or t-bar heels for more vintage styling.
2. Style your …

Two Easy Ways to Grow Body Confidence

For many of us, years of body shaming from earlier stages in our life have crushed our self-confidence. This is why we need to gain our body confidence so we can love ourselves and be comfortable in our own bodies.
1. Pick a body role model that you love as a fashion inspiration
Having a body role model you can relate to, who has a similar body type and size to yours, will help you increase your confidence. It gives you the feeling of acceptance for your body shape.
You can check out Pinterest, or Instagram for references. Every time you feel bad about your body, look at your body role model and tell yourself, “If …

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