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Three Steps to Achieve Chic Vintage Looks

Nowadays, more and more women are interested in vintage clothing. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to pick up which style to choose when you want to rock vintage fashion style.

Thus, we will show you three easy steps to achieve chic vintage looks.

1. Get a vintage dress

Getting a vintage dress is the easiest way to go when you aim for a vintage look. The 50s, 60s, and 70s periods have their distinctive dress shapes and styles. Pick one that suits your body shape and skin color.

Pair your dress with oxford dancing shoes or t-bar heels for more vintage styling.

2. Style your hair

The hairstyle will amplify the vintage look you want to achieve. If you aim for a 30s look, you can go for finger waves and pair them with hair clips. The waves should be very defined, you have to use a lot of sprays.

Marilyn Monroe’s wavy hairstyle is also a good one. It is a classic choice that will always work for vintage-themed parties.

Using bandana is perfect for you who want a bohemian look. It was very popular in the 50s. Some of the most famous bandana patterns were Polkadot and chequered prints.

3. Put on some makeup

For a daily simple look, natural and creamy tones will do the work. But, for special events, put on the bolder ones. Smoky eyes from the 20s can be a great makeup reference for glamourous parties.

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