Month: March 2021

How to Look Great in a Vintage Sweatshirt

There are instances where people wearing custom hoodies in an unfashionable manner get mistakenly identified as robbers. If you are the simple type, you would get a hint of what that notion means. Nevertheless, with some fashion tips, things can change 360 degrees.
Custom T-Shirts & Hoodies started with athletes who want to keep themselves dry and warm during cold weather. As time passed, skaters, hip-hoppers, university students, and young adults adopted the hoodie culture.
Why do they like hoodies? It is because of the comfort these hoodies offer. With all that said, …

Pinup Fashion Guide: How to Dress for Winter

It’s time to throw away your shorts and peasant tops because winter is here! Let’s show you how pinup girls should dress during the winter without having to look extra bulky.
In this video, you will see some Pinup winter essentials:
1. Wear layers of lingeries
This is the key to stay warm without adding that extra bulk. Unlike bras and thongs, lingeries provide more coverage to your body. You can also choose a corset for better insulation and to maintain that hourglass body…

A vintage look is not always about being noticeable, sometimes you might want to keep your outfit low-key while not losing the classic touch. Here is a list of four basic tops to wear for your vintage outfit look.
1. Dolores Top by Collectif
This top comes in many patterns and has elastic puffy sleeves. It will highlight your upper torso area and it pairs beautifully with a pencil skirt. Anyway, is a must-have for your wardrobe!
2. Doris Top by PGC
With longer sleeves and an adjustable zipper at the back, this top from …

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