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Pinup Fashion Guide: How to Dress for Winter

It’s time to throw away your shorts and peasant tops because winter is here! Let’s show you how pinup girls should dress during the winter without having to look extra bulky.

In this video, you will see some Pinup winter essentials:

1. Wear layers of lingeries

This is the key to stay warm without adding that extra bulk. Unlike bras and thongs, lingeries provide more coverage to your body. You can also choose a corset for better insulation and to maintain that hourglass body shape.

2. Choose tops and dresses with long sleeves

No matter what kind of tops and dresses you like, the ones with long sleeves will give you extra warmth. Of course, it will prevent that cold winter wind from blowing your bingo wings.

3. Invest in some knitwear

For the wintertime, it might be better for you to change transform from that rockabilly girl into the sweet sweater girl.

You should do some experiments with those sweaters and cardigans to know which style suits you best. Once you have found your preferred style, you can go out without having to worry about getting cold again.

4. Go out in a winter skirt

Winter skirt generally works best with sweaters and cardigans. For extra warmth, go for the ones made with heavy fabric like tweed or tartan.


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