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Two Easy Ways to Grow Body Confidence

For many of us, years of body shaming from earlier stages in our life have crushed our self-confidence. This is why we need to gain our body confidence so we can love ourselves and be comfortable in our own bodies.

1. Pick a body role model that you love as a fashion inspiration

Having a body role model you can relate to, who has a similar body type and size to yours, will help you increase your confidence. It gives you the feeling of acceptance for your body shape.

You can check out Pinterest, or Instagram for references. Every time you feel bad about your body, look at your body role model and tell yourself, “If she can look fabulous, why can’t I?”.

2. Celebrate body positivity with other women

Women should support and appreciate other women in both real-life and online situations. If you see another woman who also struggles with her body confidence, helps her! By spreading self-love and body positivity, you will not only encourage others but also yourself.


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