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A Complete Guide to Modern Pinup Makeup

Are you into that 50’s vintage makeup look? Want to use it in your daily makeup routine? Say no more! We will show you how to do it on your own. Now wash your face and follow the steps below.

Make sure your face is clean.
Put on moisturizer, then apply some primer, followed by the foundation.
For a soft pinup look, apply brown or bronze eye-shadow.
Now is the key for pinup look, winged liquid liner. This might take some practice, but you will be satisfied once you’ve mastered this technique.
To bolden the look of your eyes, use mascara. You can use two to three layers to ensure that your…

Three Steps to Achieve Chic Vintage Looks

Nowadays, more and more women are interested in vintage clothing. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to pick up which style to choose when you want to rock vintage fashion style.
Thus, we will show you three easy steps to achieve chic vintage looks.
1. Get a vintage dress
Getting a vintage dress is the easiest way to go when you aim for a vintage look. The 50s, 60s, and 70s periods have their distinctive dress shapes and styles. Pick one that suits your body shape and skin color.
Pair your dress with oxford dancing shoes or t-bar heels for more vintage styling.
2. Style your …

Two Easy Ways to Grow Body Confidence

For many of us, years of body shaming from earlier stages in our life have crushed our self-confidence. This is why we need to gain our body confidence so we can love ourselves and be comfortable in our own bodies.
1. Pick a body role model that you love as a fashion inspiration
Having a body role model you can relate to, who has a similar body type and size to yours, will help you increase your confidence. It gives you the feeling of acceptance for your body shape.
You can check out Pinterest, or Instagram for references. Every time you feel bad about your body, look at your body role model and tell yourself, “If …

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