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Madonna: The Legendary Music, Fashion, and LGBTQ Icon

It’s been more than 40 years since Madonna started her career in 1979, Since then, she has been able to prove herself to the world that she is a fearless and unstoppable woman.

There’s no need to question the achievements in her music career. Despite all the challenges she faced during her early music career, she was named the wealthiest female musician in the world in January 2008 by Forbes magazine.

She is also has a unique fashion style. Many people may remember her with her iconic wedding dress that she wore at the 1984 MTV Awards. The younger generations may remember her with her black and white gentlemen suit that she wore at the 56th GRAMMY Awards, where she walked the red carpet with her son, David Banda.

Not only she is famous for her fashion, but Madonna is also known for her contribution to humanistic activities. She organized Raising Malawi, a charity movement that concentrates on children’s education in Malawi.

She doesn’t stop with her humanistic activities only. She has also been very vocal about LGBTQ rights. In her 1990 single, “Vogue”, long before modern LGBTW movements emerged, Madonna has shown the world that we cannot discriminate against LGBTQ people and we should respect their rights.


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