How to Look Great in a Vintage Sweatshirt

There are instances where people wearing custom hoodies in an unfashionable manner get mistakenly identified as robbers. If you are the simple type, you would get a hint of what that notion means. Nevertheless, with some fashion tips, things can change 360 degrees.

Custom T-Shirts & Hoodies started with athletes who want to keep themselves dry and warm during cold weather. As time passed, skaters, hip-hoppers, university students, and young adults adopted the hoodie culture.

Why do they like hoodies? It is because of the comfort these hoodies offer. With all that said, here are three fashionable ways you can wear your vintage sweatshirt.

Wear It as a Layer

Wearing Custom T-Shirts & Hoodies is not all about looking arrogant. It is all about making you look modest rather than egotistic. As a layer, a sweatshirt will keep you warm and give you a classy look at the same time.

To get the look right, have a white simple T-shirt on and a zip-up sweatshirt over your T-shirt. Then, add a jacket or overcoat. For your lower body, you can wear box-fresh shoes and slim jeans.

Wear It as an Athleisure

If you haven’t heard about the word Athleisure yet, it is clothing specifically fashioned for everyday wear and exercise. With an athleisure look, coolness and comfort come in handy, so you won’t look like a sloth who is too tired to change your gym attire.

Say goodbye to the days where you had to bear with oversized Custom T-Shirts & Hoodies, and say hello to a stylish athleisure look. To get the style right, partner a black sweatshirt with black joggers and leather sneakers.

Wear it Beneath a Leather Coat

If you are not convinced with the high-low combination style, then you can opt for a more familiar style. A hoodie and leather jacket combination is a pair that works for every season.

Sweatshirts, nowadays, have improved when it comes to fit and quality. Therefore, men are looking for casual and well-fitting designs that they can wear on different occasions.

Use a black coat and indigo or black jeans and pair them with different colors of hoodie beneath. Experiment and see what best fits you. Additionally, you can wear leather boots to get a modernized look.

General Sweatshirt Guidelines

  • Don’t look back to your old hoodie Linkin Park style. You’re no longer an angry teenager and the 2000s was 21 years ago.
  • Search for 100% cotton designs to get the best-quality sweatshirt.
  • Note that pullover designs generally look chic than zip-up hoodies.
  • Don’t chase after the latest trend if you want longevity. Go for Custom T-shirts & Hoodies that perfectly complement your wardrobe.
  • Choose fitted hoodies to look smart rather than lazy.
  • If you are thinking twice about sweatshirts with logos. Select mottled weaves or flecks instead.
  • Unless you are studying in a university or on campus, don’t wear university sweatshirts.
  • Are you over 40? A luxe fabric hoodie partnered with suit separates will give you that elegant and grown-up look.

If you are a hoodie lover, consider the fashion tips mentioned above and say bye-bye to wrong impressions and misjudgments.

Louise Fedor

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