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How to Look Great in a Vintage Sweatshirt

There are instances where people wearing custom hoodies in an unfashionable manner get mistakenly identified as robbers. If you are the simple type, you would get a hint of what that notion means. Nevertheless, with some fashion tips, things can change 360 degrees.
Custom T-Shirts & Hoodies started with athletes who want to keep themselves dry and warm during cold weather. As time passed, skaters, hip-hoppers, university students, and young adults adopted the hoodie culture.
Why do they like hoodies? It is because of the comfort these hoodies offer. With all that said, …

Vintage Beauty Tips You Can Try at Home

Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Raquel Welch, these names are just some of the beauty icons from the yesteryears. Do you want to try some of their beauty secrets on your own?

Whiten your teeth with baking soda. Whitening strips and toothpaste did not exist back then. So, to achieve pearly white teeth look, women will use baking soda. Add a few drops of water and peppermint oil to the baking soda, gently mix until they turn into a paste. You can then use the paste just like using toothpaste.
Avoid dry hair with olive oil. Olive oil has been famous for its moisturizing property for a …

Best Red Lipstick Recommendations

Red lipstick and pinup makeup look are inseparable. And, it can also be the right shade for any occasion. For you, red lipstick enthusiasts, we have arranged a list of the four best red lipstick recommendations.
1. Nars’s Jungle Red
The cherry red color of this lipstick is very iconic and has been used by celebrities for a long time. It has a creamy texture with a semi-matte finish.
2. Stowaway Creme Scarlet
Vanessa Valiente once described this lipstick as a red lipstick you would saw in the 80s. It comes in travel size so it won’t take up any space in your purse.
3. Milani Amore Satin Matte…

A Complete Guide to Modern Pinup Makeup

Are you into that 50’s vintage makeup look? Want to use it in your daily makeup routine? Say no more! We will show you how to do it on your own. Now wash your face and follow the steps below.

Make sure your face is clean.
Put on moisturizer then apply some primer, followed by the foundation.
For a soft pinup look, apply brown or bronze eye-shadow.
Now is the key for pinup look, winged liquid liner. This might take some practice, but you will be satisfied once you’ve mastered this technique.
To bolden the look of your eyes, use mascara. You can use two to three layers to ensure that your …

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